Rules and Regulations of the Forums

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Rules and Regulations of the Forums

Post by CebuBasilio on June 23rd 2009, 11:00 pm


As to make this place a cozy and comfortable hangout to go to. Please refrain from doing any unnecessary actions that may disrupt the forum and/or your fellow members. This said please:

Be polite and courteous.

Respect others opinions even if you don't agree with them. Yes, even in debating.

Spamming includes
  • double posting or posting more than once consecutively
  • flooding -posting the same thing on every post in a single thread
  • bumping - posting non relevant or really off topic post to revive an already outdated or dead topic
  • topic advertising
  • one word post/one smiley post
  • off-topic - posting replies not related to the topic or any post thereof in the thread

Refrain from using foul language. Slip ups here and there can be overlooked but excessive use or that it was use in flaming shall be punished.

Don't insult or demean people's religion, belief, race and/or sexual orientation/etc.

Don't bash other sites.

Grammar and Language

Good spelling and grammar are not required, because not everyone is perfect, but if you could make an attempt to work on it in your posts, that would be cool.

There is no mandatory language in the forums. However, it is recommended and highly advised to use ENGLISH as a means of communications. This is to practice your familiarity and skills with the language, as told by one of Datalogics' previous heads. This is also to avoid any forms of discrimination, bias and etc on different ethnic groups and/or languages.

Avatars, Singatures, and Links

No posting or linking to offensive material (Porn, excessive violence, hate sites, etc.) and sites which only advertise personal gain (quick money sites, multi-networking groups and etc).

Avatars: No adult content, excessive violence, or anything that you wouldn't put in a post. Avatars with inappropriate or disturbing material in are highly discouraged and will be removed with a warning for the user.

Signatures: Not only do you have to follow the avatar/profile rule, you're limited on space. You have 300 pixels of height and 650 pixels of width to work with, no exceptions. Also, no images over 200 kb.

You may not link to sites that host ROMs, copyrighted/licenced/etc material, torrents of said material, and so forth in a normal post. This is because of the illegal activities and so forth. However, you may send links through PMs.

Behavior and Order

Aside from the rules above each board might have it's own unique set of rules. Be sure to follow these rules and the ones above as to avoid being reprimanded.

In case of violations to the rules, Admins and Mod may delete the post or topic containing the violation and give the user a warning.

The following are grounds for punishment:
Consistent Off-topic/Leading a thread elsewhere(Found in Behavior)
Consistent Single sentence replies even after being warned
SPAM topic/posts/replies(Found in Behavior)
Missing Profile Name and Course
FLAMING, bad mouthing, insulting directly and indirectly.(Found in Behavior)
Misinformation/Dual Account/Dummy Account/Pretending

When a user has violated any rule written above or the ones enumerated beforehand, the following actions are to be done:
1st offense PM/chat
2nd offense Ban 1-3days depending on violation
3rd offense Ban 1 week
4th offense Ban 1 month
5th offense Ban Permanently and Ate Overlord Brian Tan will personally choke you(I don't know if he's joking or not)

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