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Post by CebuBasilio on August 21st 2009, 6:20 pm


Well we've been getting complaints, questions, violent reactions, and the occasional libak here and there.

So why not I clarify things to you people?

The Acquaintance Party's theme is Black & White, semi-formal and/or smart-casual

How does the color scheme go, you say?
Anything goes as long as both or either of the two colors stay dominant.
For all I care you can wear a white long sleeve and pink slacks.

What is semi-formal and/or smart-casual?
We've been debating this for quite some time and we come to conclude that those two are subjective. What is semi-formal and/or smart-casual to you might not be the same for me.
So all we can say about it is that you should wear anything that to you would make you look semi-formal and/or smart-casual.
How? Well that's for you to ponder about. Just remember that there will be awards for those whose attire can show the BAM in a black & white semi-formal and/or smart-casual theme.

So I can wear maong?
Gaaah! Didn't I say so already? If you think that with maong pants you can attain a look that say you are semi-formal and/or smart-casual then go!

Oh here's another note, nothing too revealing like a mini skirt whose not even covering anything or somewhere there. Why? It would have been fine with us, but lately the Administration is becoming more strict. So the SAS might actually show their faces in our party. So we request you behave a bit at least attire wise.

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