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Post by CebuBasilio on August 15th 2009, 9:05 pm

*looks about*
*Cracks Knuckle*
*Air Piano; preparing fingers to type*
*Playing Gee - SNSD*

Due to a request to re-evaluate our standings financially and security-wise, we, officers of Datalogics have SADLY change your AP's venue.

NO you are not hallucinating OR seeing a bad typo

The NEW venue would be Grand Convention Center, yes that one near Ayala.
with the NEW date of SEPT. 8 (TUESDAY)
SEPT. 9 is a holiday Osmeņa Day.

"YOU INCONSISTENT BASTARDS, pagsure mu oie!!!" you say?
"WE ALREADY KNOW!!!!" is all I can say to you, touche?

  • Payment is now 350 pesos no discount, no increase
  • Better sound systems and light!
  • Though it's not buffet, there are more choices of food this time!
  • It's more accessible
  • Safer passage way than WF
  • Did I just say souvenir? YES SOUVENIRS!!!

  • We won't be all the glitzy and glamorous since we're not in WF anymore
  • Food is not buffet anymore, but don't worry, WF's food choice can be actually counted with a single hand... minus a finger!
  • It is COMPULSORY, yes now this time you actually have to come

Hmmmm? You're gonna say "350?! I paid 400+!!! Gimme back my money you greedy no-good officers!!!"
NO WORRIES! For those who paid, you will be refunded. For those who were complaining about the original price... THERE'S NO POINT IN COMPLAINING NOW IS THERE?!

Complains on our inconsistency will be ignored, since we don't need any of you to tell us the obvious.

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