Datalogics Raffle Draw Winners!

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Datalogics Raffle Draw Winners!

Post by g.e.l.l.a.i. on August 3rd 2009, 7:03 pm

Congratulations to the following winners of the raffle draw held last July 31, 2009:

1st Prize: Cellphone = Nokia 1680 Classic
Winner: Delfin Mercader III
Course & Year: BSICT-1

2nd Prize: Mp4 = Symphony MP4 Player
Winner: Charlyn Macaraag
Course & Year: BFA-A1

3rd Prize: Wireless Mouse = iMobile Wireless Tech
Winner: Joloy...

4th Prize: 2GB USB Flash Drive = PQI 2GB traveling disk
Winner: Anna Lyka Alfafara
Course & Year: BSIT-3

5th Prize: Speakers = Genius SP-s110
Winner: Jonie Tan
Course & Year: BSCS-1

5 Consolation Prizes: Datalogics T-Shirts
(1) Winner: John Villa
Course & Year: BSCS-2

(2) Winner: Kent Carumba
Course & Year: BSCS-2

(3) Winner: Teresa Gadrinab

(4) Winner: Christine Po
Course & Year: BSICT-1

(5) Winner: Krissa Lim
Course & Year: BSPharma-2

A special thank you to all the people who participated in this fund-raising activity. Smile


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