Mx0... An exciting Manga

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Mx0... An exciting Manga

Post by kudayami on November 17th 2008, 7:53 pm

All info are from onemanga...

Title: Mx0

Categories: comedy, ecchi, romance, school life, shounen, supernatural

Author: Kano Yasuhiro

Artist: Kano Yasuhiro

Chapters: 99 - completed

The story starts off with a flashback, Kuzumi Taiga is asked at his school entrance interview what he would do if he could use magic. "Take over the world" is his reply, followed by an outburst of laughter from a very cute girl. Not much remains in his memory after those events, but he does remember the girl and she is somehow involved in him failing to enter the school of his choice. Wandering around outside of aforementioned school the next day, he gets mistaken for a student ditching class by one of the teachers, and get's pulled into the school through a magic barrier he did not notice. He is in fact a student with no magical ability at all, and it just so happens this is a magic school.


kudayami says:

It's a great manga though the ending was unsatisfying. Fans, including me, still hope for a continuation with the manga. Why great? It's because of the wits the author poured into the story. How the protagonist deals his everyday life trying to hide something far from what people thinks he is. Can also be related to real life as most people, as I believe, are not what you think they are. This includes me. Others see people as what they want to believe the person is, not really by how the person acts when he is alone.

Kind of on a rush here. I'll edit this post when time allows me.
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